Our Mission

The magazine's editorial mandate is to produce content with a business and technical focus that helps automotive service technicians build their knowledge so they can work more effectively and do their jobs better; and that helps independent and franchise operation shop owners run their businesses more effectively and profitably so they can continue to be successful.

Departments (regular columns)

  • OUR SAY Thoughts from the publisher and editor (editorial page)
  • STARTERS Industry news
  • SPREAD THE WORD Marketing your business (expert column)
  • FIVE O'CLOCK SURPRISE Dealing with customers and situations you weren't expecting (expert column)
  • UP FRONT Best practices in customer service and relationship management (expert column)
  • JUST SAYIN' Opinion - shop owners have their say (shop owner each issue)
  • TRAINING GROUNDS Keeping up to date (technician training expert column)
  • SHOP SNAP-SHOT Profile of a shop doing things right (freelancer piece)
  • TROUBLESHOOTING Diagnostics and troubleshooting (expert column)
  • PROFIT PROPHET Business management (expert column)
  • TOOLS & TECH New-products section